I never get bored with the message of the Father’s Love but I especially love to hear it from those that live it well. Brent is a habitual receiver and giver of the Love of God and was, long before he thought of writing a book. It is this posture of being a lover which has caused him to write in a way which encourages not mere understanding but experience of the love of God towards us. In fact he dares us to believe it is true.
My own journey of learning to receive the father’s love has radically changed every area of my life as it has countless others. Perhaps this is your first encounter of this teaching, in which case it will change your life too, or perhaps you are familiar with the message in which case I encourage you to open your heart to the more which is about to be revealed.
Though increasingly a common subject this message is not to be treated lightly! Assumed familiarity is a danger which can prevent us from receiving what God ‘our Daddy’ has for us. It cannot merely be learned it must be encountered and this book will lead you through Brent’s personal experiences, stories and teaching to encounter after encounter.
As for me I continue to learn from every angle taken to teach about being loved and loving our heavenly Dad. Whatever your role in life get ready for an upgrade. This last year I was pursued by this message and discovered how essential it is in an area which I am gifted: ‘The Gift of Administration’, learning that managing and leading must come from the heart of a son. This book will lead you on your own journey and as with my particular ministry it will bring an upgrade to yours as you embrace the heart of a son or daughter.

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