There are good messages, there are significant thoughts, and then there are strategic holy summons that carry a fiery mandate meant to revolutionize the masses. I make it a point to wake up each morning and intentionally receive the inward affirmation and adoration of the Father. I’m convinced that this might be one of the most significant catalysts on the earth.  Jesus embodies the perfect model and will of the Father for all of His sons and daughters and He began His ministry with this epic Paternal download. The Old Testament concludes with this mandate that centers around turning the hearts of the Fathers to the hearts of the sons or else a curse is left in its wake. One of the greatest disorders(curses) in our hour is the orphaned spirit that drives so many towards an illegitimate mentality and lifestyle. Yet, in order for us to fully walk in this coming move of God (which will sweep the earth and massive harvest), we must get this message deep down in our hearts.

Brent has written a profound, heartfelt and revelatory book on what is the primary locomotive of the Kingdom- the Father’s Affirmation and Affection. As i read portions of this book, I felt challenged to go deeper in God’s love and i also felt healing from it’s Truth.  It’s been said, “that there are few things more powerful than an idea whose time has come”…Always Loved is an idea which is both timeless and very NOW!  Some messages tweak you and other messages transform you! Revival is coming to the earth in greater dimensions and this TRUTH will be one of the catalysts for the greatest number of exploits and people brought into the Kingdom… ever!