This book carries ESSENTIAL JOY!  Your heart’s happiness is richly revealed within these pages! The thrilling saga of the Covenant Love in which your life has been interwoven … the lavish grace of never-wasted love … all here, in beautiful, poetic prophetic prose:  Your Love Story.  Gospel.  Very Good News!

Brent Lokker’s lovely, lush writing captivates, sparkling with interior energy.  His profoundly encouraging words of experienced pastoral wisdom teach you to soar.  Glorious, gorgeous Grace energizes your faith as you comprehend your identity … perhaps for the first time.

The excitement builds!  As you read this easy-to-read, easy-to-understand book, you are mentored by God Your Father Himself and beautifully empowered by the Holy Spirit to understand Christ’s perfect Finished Work on the Cross – all He has accomplished for you!

Most of all, here for you is Brent Lokker’s life message.  In these pages, The Blessing of Your Heavenly Father is abundantly ministered to you in stellar beauty by a highly honored and greatly loved Father in Revival – my very dear friend Brent Lokker.

Reading this brilliantly insightful, down-to-earth book is rewarding and inspiring.  I couldn’t put it down … yet at the same time, I loved putting it down from time to time just to enter into a heavenly reverie inspired by the practicality of Grace (Himself).  I recommend this book to all who are longing for closeness to God.  Have fun!!

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