The world is full of walking wounded people who long for intimacy, but fear rejection. My guess is that this is the most fatherless generation in the history of the world. Broken homes, single parents and latchkey kids are so common in our culture that it’s become a habit when you see a woman with children to ask her if she is married before you ask her what her husband does for a living. All of this has created a dynamic that has distorted our view of our Heavenly Father. For some people, God is like a celestial pimp who prostitutes people to get what He wants from them. But God doesn’t “use people,” He loves them! Yet for others, God is like their rageaholic stepfather who needs a place to unload some of His anger. These folks believe that God is just waiting for them to make a mistake so He can unleash hell on them. But none of these scenarios represent Our Heavenly Father’s love for us as Brent points out so powerfully in this book.

Always Loved, is more than a book, it’s a Holy Spirit journey into the very heart of God Himself. Brent Lokker has done a masterful job of re-presenting the Father in a way that’s both theologically sound and culturally relevant. He unmasks the lies that have polluted the minds of the multitudes, isolating them from the love and affection of the Father. Brent Lokker proves to us that God is not a cosmic control freak who tolerates His fallen creation, but a loving Daddy who celebrates His sons and daughters.

If your heart is broken, and you feel rejected, abandoned, or you simply struggle to feel loved, Always Loved is the book for you! This book will cut a trail through the jungle of broken relationships, betrayals and abuse, while paving a path to passion in your heart that you never thought was possible!

I highly recommend this book and believe that many people will be released from the slave camps of a loveless master into the arms of their loving Daddy.