There is no shortage in the world of negativity, judgment, brokenness, bad news, or the celebration of someone else’s demise.  Is it any wonder people don’t know how to receive, accept, or embrace the love of God?  Where are the examples of God’s love?  In Always Loved, Brent Lokker takes us on a journey of intimate discovery where we don’t just “hear” God loves us, but one where we encounter personally the love of God, Our Father.  Who can encounter, yet not receive, the tender gaze, warm embrace, and peaceful, safe, tangible feeling of God’s love?  If you’ve searched the world over for love and been left with a feeling of “there’s got to be more,” you’ve found the best path to discovering, encountering, and living in God’s love through this marvelous work of Brent’s.  Once freely received, love can be freely given to a dying, hurting, lost world stripped bare of love.  As you turn the pages of Always Loved, you are one step… one moment closer to walking in the liberating love of your creator and sharing that love with the world around you.