I’m excited about Brent Lokker’s book, Always Loved.  It’s God’s time like no other for this message to be shared anew.  I’ve known Brent for years now to be a man on fire and passionately in love with Jesus.  Brent has exemplified our Heavenly Father’s love with his kind and gracious manner and one can’t help but to feel accepted and at ease when you are with him.  However, recently I sensed that there was something fresh and more deeply activated in Brent that I understood better what I was sensing when I read some of the chapters of Always Loved, Brent has peeled back some layers of misconception that has hidden some precious eternal truths concerning God’s grace and His extravagant love for you and me.  As you read through the pages of Always Loved, you will be encouraged, touched, transformed.  You’ll discover, as Brent has, our Heavenly Father really wants you and is celebrating you right now!