Brent has peeled back some layers of misconception that has hidden some precious eternal truths…

I’m excited about Brent Lokker’s book, Always Loved.  It’s God’s time like no other for this message to be shared anew.  I’ve known Brent for years now to be a man on fire and passionately in love with Jesus.  Brent has exemplified our Heavenly Father’s love with his kind and gracious manner and one can’t help but to feel accepted and at ease when you are with him.  However, recently I sensed that there was something fresh and more deeply activated in Brent that I understood better what I was sensing when I read some of the chapters of Always Loved, Brent has peeled back some layers of misconception that has hidden some precious eternal truths concerning God’s grace and His extravagant love for you and me.  As you read through the pages of Always Loved, you will be encouraged, touched, transformed.  You’ll discover, as Brent has, our Heavenly Father really wants you and is celebrating you right now!

Pat Chen, President of First Love Ministries International Prayer Center, San Ramon, CA

I just experienced waves of liquid love as I read this book.  The Agape Reformation has started.  Brent is a lover who will take you into the affection of your Heavenly Father.  The Baptism of Love is personal, powerful, and passionate.  Transform your life and the world around you by receiving love and giving it away.

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Leif Hetland

Author Brent Lokker does all of us a great service by…

The purpose of Always Loved can be summed up in this verse: “We love, because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19). Discovering the love that is beyond measure has been a great challenge for so many. Author Brent Lokker does all of us a great service by addressing the lies that hinder our perception of such love and the truths that supersede such lies. Chapter by chapter, you will journey into the full discovery of His love that doesn’t have to be earned. You will be encouraged by realizing who you are in the Father’s eyes, which then makes it normal to truly love the broken and to carry out great exploits.

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Bill Johnson

Pastor Brent Lokker has done us a great favor writing Always Loved…

Pastor Brent Lokker has done us a great favor writing Always Loved. This book is a thoughtful, balanced and yet impassioned view of God’s love for us, His 21st Century Bride.  Many people can experience frustration when in the midst of renewal.  Relationship with Father, for whatever reason, seems to slip away.  The message of this book is a missing ingredient that will help many understand and rest in Daddy’s Love!  Thanks Brent for reminding us that HIS LOVE FOR US saturates everything!

Richard Oliver

Get ready to break free from the performance trap as you experience this book.

This book comes from the heart fought struggle of a servant realizing he is a beloved son. Watching this amazing metamorphasis gives Brent all the credibility he needs to write a book in leading others to freedom, joy and peace. Get ready to break free from the performance trap as you experience this book.

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Danny Silk

A recent national survey showed that 78% of Americans have a distorted view of God…

There’s always passion whenever you’re talking about your life message, and that’s what comes across in Brent’s book Always Loved.  And, this is such a needed message.  A recent national survey showed that 78% of Americans have a distorted view of God, seeing God as authoritative, controlling, critical or distant.  Only 22% of those surveyed saw Him as a loving, benevolent God.  And, we’re certain those statistics aren’t limited to just the US — it’s universal.

This is a timely message that shines through not only Brent’s book, but also in the church that he and his wife, Suzanne, pastor — Blazing Fire in Pleasanton, CA.  Father God is wildly, madly, passionately in love with His children, and when we take hold of that message, we can become His agents of love here on planet earth.  Through the pages of this book, Brent takes the reader on a journey to discover the true heartbeat of Father God toward us, changing our mindsets, and drawing us into actually experiencing His love for the reader.  And, as Brent points out through wonderful stories, it’s a love that can cause us to change the culture around us.

We’ve been privileged to minister numerous times at Blazing Fire and can testify,  this book was born out of Brent and his church actually living out this life message — a message of the Father’s love.  We heartily recommend this book to you.

Bill & Carol Dew

Wow! Always Loved is an amazing book of connecting with God’s Father heart for us all. Born out of real life experiences, Brent Lokker speaks with authority in this area. It will bring healing and lift you to unlimited possibilities through God’s love.

Doug Addison – Inlight Connection

Thank you Brent Lokker for your bold declaration of the Father! This is a most needed message that the world must hear!

What Jesus reveals about the Father of the human race puts the devil and religion out of business!  Have we not all one father? Has not one God created us? (Malachi 2:10) In God we discover that we are not here by chance or accident, or by the desire of an earthly parent.  Neither are we the product of a mere physical conception.  We exist by the expression of God’s desire to reveal Himself in the flesh. Thank you Brent Lokker for your bold declaration of the Father!  This is a most needed message that the world must hear!

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Francois du Toit

Brent Lokker strikes at the heart of the enemy’s strategy…

In his book, “Always Loved” Brent Lokker strikes at the heart of the enemy’s strategy to leave Gods people feeling fatherless and without value. As you read this book you cannot help but be overwhelmed with the immense goodness of the Father and His wholehearted commitment to claim you as His own.

Brent’s message is an authentic expression of his personal journey and intimate relationship with the Father. His powerful revelations lead the reader beyond learning and into an encounter with the transforming love of God. This book is a journey into a life-giving embrace.

David Crone, Senior leader of The Mission

Without a doubt, Brent Lokker has been profoundly touched by the Father God’s amazing love…

Without a doubt, Brent Lokker has been profoundly touched by the Father God’s amazing love. As you read Always Loved, His amazing love for you will become more evident with each page you turn. Daddy’s heartbeat will become the rhythm of the “life of love” that increasingly defines your journey!


Gaylord Enns

The whole church world is being enlivened

by a rediscovery of God as Father.  To know Him at any level is to recognize that of all the things He wanted to be called, Jesus who knows His Father’s heart, commanded us to pray, “Our Father . . . ”  Had He wanted something besides sons and daughters, he would have had us call him something besides a Father! The rediscovery of God as Father is at the heart of revival and as the truth and dynamic of is known, the fruit of this reviving will prove immediate and residual.
The Father/Son paradigm is not only the centerpiece of civilization; it is the DNA of the entire cosmos. Thank you, Brent, for a clear voice and a good read in this splendid book.

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Jack Taylor

There are good messages, there are significant thoughts, and then there are strategic holy summons that carry a fiery mandate meant to revolutionize the masses. I make it a point to wake up each morning and intentionally receive the inward affirmation and adoration of the Father. I’m convinced that this might be one of the most significant catalysts on the earth.  Jesus embodies the perfect model and will of the Father for all of His sons and daughters and He began His ministry with this epic Paternal download. The Old Testament concludes with this mandate that centers around turning the hearts of the Fathers to the hearts of the sons or else a curse is left in its wake. One of the greatest disorders(curses) in our hour is the orphaned spirit that drives so many towards an illegitimate mentality and lifestyle. Yet, in order for us to fully walk in this coming move of God (which will sweep the earth and massive harvest), we must get this message deep down in our hearts.

Brent has written a profound, heartfelt and revelatory book on what is the primary locomotive of the Kingdom- the Father’s Affirmation and Affection. As i read portions of this book, I felt challenged to go deeper in God’s love and i also felt healing from it’s Truth.  It’s been said, “that there are few things more powerful than an idea whose time has come”…Always Loved is an idea which is both timeless and very NOW!  Some messages tweak you and other messages transform you! Revival is coming to the earth in greater dimensions and this TRUTH will be one of the catalysts for the greatest number of exploits and people brought into the Kingdom… ever! 

Sean Smith

Each chapter beckons you to enjoy the privileged relationship…

At the high price of the Cross of Christ, the Lord of the Universe birthed sons and daughters. In Always Loved Brent invites you to personally encounter what Jesus paid for: the pure love, pleasure and acceptance of our Heavenly Father.

Each chapter beckons you to enjoy the privileged relationship that you are meant to experience as Abba’s beloved child — you will find yourself living, thinking and believing as a son or daughter and bringing Heaven to Earth as you walk into the full riches of your divine inheritance.

Georgian Banov

There is no shortage in the world of negativity, judgment, brokenness, bad news, or the celebration of someone else’s demise.  Is it any wonder people don’t know how to receive, accept, or embrace the love of God?  Where are the examples of God’s love?  In Always Loved, Brent Lokker takes us on a journey of intimate discovery where we don’t just “hear” God loves us, but one where we encounter personally the love of God, Our Father.  Who can encounter, yet not receive, the tender gaze, warm embrace, and peaceful, safe, tangible feeling of God’s love?  If you’ve searched the world over for love and been left with a feeling of “there’s got to be more,” you’ve found the best path to discovering, encountering, and living in God’s love through this marvelous work of Brent’s.  Once freely received, love can be freely given to a dying, hurting, lost world stripped bare of love.  As you turn the pages of Always Loved, you are one step… one moment closer to walking in the liberating love of your creator and sharing that love with the world around you.

Dick Bernal, Senior Pastor of Jubilee Christian Center, San Jose, CA

Though increasingly a common subject this message is not to be treated lightly!

I never get bored with the message of the Father’s Love but I especially love to hear it from those that live it well. Brent is a habitual receiver and giver of the Love of God and was, long before he thought of writing a book. It is this posture of being a lover which has caused him to write in a way which encourages not mere understanding but experience of the love of God towards us. In fact he dares us to believe it is true.
My own journey of learning to receive the father’s love has radically changed every area of my life as it has countless others. Perhaps this is your first encounter of this teaching, in which case it will change your life too, or perhaps you are familiar with the message in which case I encourage you to open your heart to the more which is about to be revealed.
Though increasingly a common subject this message is not to be treated lightly! Assumed familiarity is a danger which can prevent us from receiving what God ‘our Daddy’ has for us. It cannot merely be learned it must be encountered and this book will lead you through Brent’s personal experiences, stories and teaching to encounter after encounter.
As for me I continue to learn from every angle taken to teach about being loved and loving our heavenly Dad. Whatever your role in life get ready for an upgrade. This last year I was pursued by this message and discovered how essential it is in an area which I am gifted: ‘The Gift of Administration’, learning that managing and leading must come from the heart of a son. This book will lead you on your own journey and as with my particular ministry it will bring an upgrade to yours as you embrace the heart of a son or daughter.

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Paul Manwaring

When I first began hearing Brent speak,

I knew he was on to a new paradigm in God. This is more than a nice idea, this is a new paradigm. I am so looking forward to the book, because listening to Brent over the last few years has changed for the better the way I view God and the way I view others.

David Marco

This book delivers the blessings that break off your performance shackles…

As a great apostolic movement sweeps the earth, experiencing the Father’s love is still the great heart beat and core petition of this movement. Historically, knowing and experiencing the love of the Father was the epicenter of the Apostle Paul’s prayers. In, Always Loved, Brent Lokker not only hits ground zero in the heart of the Father but exposes his own heart journey as well. This book delivers the blessings that break off your performance shackles and help you step in to the boundless affection of your Heavenly Father.

Dan McCollam - Sounds of the Nations, Global Legacy Apostolic Team

Foreword by Kris Vallotton

The world is full of walking wounded people who long for intimacy, but fear rejection. My guess is that this is the most fatherless generation in the history of the world. Broken homes, single parents and latchkey kids are so common in our culture that it’s become a habit when you see a woman with children to ask her if she is married before you ask her what her husband does for a living. All of this has created a dynamic that has distorted our view of our Heavenly Father. For some people, God is like a celestial pimp who prostitutes people to get what He wants from them. But God doesn’t “use people,” He loves them! Yet for others, God is like their rageaholic stepfather who needs a place to unload some of His anger. These folks believe that God is just waiting for them to make a mistake so He can unleash hell on them. But none of these scenarios represent Our Heavenly Father’s love for us as Brent points out so powerfully in this book.

Always Loved, is more than a book, it’s a Holy Spirit journey into the very heart of God Himself. Brent Lokker has done a masterful job of re-presenting the Father in a way that’s both theologically sound and culturally relevant. He unmasks the lies that have polluted the minds of the multitudes, isolating them from the love and affection of the Father. Brent Lokker proves to us that God is not a cosmic control freak who tolerates His fallen creation, but a loving Daddy who celebrates His sons and daughters.

If your heart is broken, and you feel rejected, abandoned, or you simply struggle to feel loved, Always Loved is the book for you! This book will cut a trail through the jungle of broken relationships, betrayals and abuse, while paving a path to passion in your heart that you never thought was possible!

I highly recommend this book and believe that many people will be released from the slave camps of a loveless master into the arms of their loving Daddy.

Kris Vallotton

I’ve been able to call God, “Papa”

My friend Sue gave me your book, “Always Loved“.  She has lovingly and patiently walked with me through over 30 years of life as I have been walking out of the pain of my past and into the love of my Father.  It’s been a long but wonderful journey of many ups and downs.  This amazing love of God (the way you talk about it) has been a difficult thing for me to embrace and believe.  But since I finished your book, I have been able to call God, “Papa” every day and am asking Him what He thinks of me.  I am speaking aloud HIs good thoughts toward me and praying for His love to completely fill me to overflowing— so that it spills over on to those around me.  There is nothing more important to me than learning to love well! Thank you for writing… for sharing your story and HIs love.  Best, Jenn

I couldn’t put it down … yet at the same time, I loved putting it down from time to time…

This book carries ESSENTIAL JOY!  Your heart’s happiness is richly revealed within these pages! The thrilling saga of the Covenant Love in which your life has been interwoven … the lavish grace of never-wasted love … all here, in beautiful, poetic prophetic prose:  Your Love Story.  Gospel.  Very Good News!

Brent Lokker’s lovely, lush writing captivates, sparkling with interior energy.  His profoundly encouraging words of experienced pastoral wisdom teach you to soar.  Glorious, gorgeous Grace energizes your faith as you comprehend your identity … perhaps for the first time.

The excitement builds!  As you read this easy-to-read, easy-to-understand book, you are mentored by God Your Father Himself and beautifully empowered by the Holy Spirit to understand Christ’s perfect Finished Work on the Cross – all He has accomplished for you!

Most of all, here for you is Brent Lokker’s life message.  In these pages, The Blessing of Your Heavenly Father is abundantly ministered to you in stellar beauty by a highly honored and greatly loved Father in Revival – my very dear friend Brent Lokker.

Reading this brilliantly insightful, down-to-earth book is rewarding and inspiring.  I couldn’t put it down … yet at the same time, I loved putting it down from time to time just to enter into a heavenly reverie inspired by the practicality of Grace (Himself).  I recommend this book to all who are longing for closeness to God.  Have fun!!

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Rev. Lani Langlais

The discovery revealed here has the power to forever transform…

Brent is a gift to the San Francisco Bay Area and the body of Christ. Everyone that’s had the joy of meeting him has been brushed by the love that he writes about in this book.
This book is a bridge that will help you cross from knowing the truth of God’s love and affection to actually experiencing and expressing it. The discovery revealed here has the power to forever transform whoever receives it. Prepare for an encounter with your Abba!

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Caleb & Rachel Klinge